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  • Amea Jalwal

    I’ve just completed yet another fantastic boxer-cise session with Matt, though I feel like my arms are going to fall off I feel energised. I always turn up on a Thursday with an excuse not to do the class but Matt persuades me to do it, reassuring me I’ll feel great after…and yes he’s right. This week I had a dizzy spell during the class, not detracting from the other participants and not thinking I was making another excuse Matt was quick to ensure I was OK and well enough to continue. I’m what the doctors describe as morbidly obese, not the most flattering label. But Matt never gives up on anyone, regardless of their ability. I love boxing but lack stamina, Matt focuses on the positives of my ability and reminds me to use my strength, but to maintain technique. He’s fantastic at keeping your motivational levels up. Technique is so important but it can become very laboured if you’re constantly slowed down or stopped to correct your technique, Matt has a great style allowing you to continue with the exercise but giving you small tips so your workout is continuous and fully beneficial. I’ve also had many PT sessions with Matt; I’m surprised I’m still around to tell the tale!!! Matt is an outstanding Personal Trainer, who never allows conversation, music, routine etc… to get in the way of maximising your workout with him. I particularly enjoyed the time when he kicked my ar** so hard that I lay on the floor, repeating that I was too fat and too tired to continue…and Mr Sutton decided to literally kick me and push me to continue, just what I needed and what I paid for. Thanks Matt. Roll on next week!
    “Amea Jalwal”
  • Russell Cade

    Although i go to the gym on a regular basis , having personal training sessions with Matt has definately made a big difference & without doubt has pushed my fitness levels to a higher level than i was achieving on my own.
    “Russell Cade”
  • Mandy Blair

    I’ve had numerous Personal Trainers who’ve never kept me enthused for more than a few months. Step in Matt! I’ve been training with Matt for over a year now, that in itself speaks volumes. Matt’s sessions are brilliant – challenging, motivating, energising, uplifting and exhausting! Matt constantly introduces new things, new ideas and pushes me to the max both physically and mentally. The ultimate recommendation? I keep coming back for more!
    “Mandy Blair”