Discover How LPT Helps People In Northamptonshire Lose A Stone In 6 Weeks Without Drastic Dieting Methods or Boring Cardio Workouts 

 Dear Frustrated Dieter,

If you’re like most people who find us here, you’ve decided enough is enough?

You’ve tried your local weight watchers clubs, gym memberships, zumba & insanity classes but ONE thing is still annoying you

…NOT seeing RESULTS.

If all this sounds familiar read on…

Lifestyle Performance Transformations has helped thousands of people over the past 10 years change their bodies & ultimately their life.

“The T.C.P Method”

What makes us truly unique is the holistic approach we take with our clients. Many people exercise in the gym without following a complimenting diet whilst other people follow a diet without the exercise.


The T.C.P Method

The T.C.P Method

We coach our members on how to integrate the two together to suit YOUR personal needs. We have created what we call our T.C.P method to do that which is an integration of:

Personal Training,

Nutritional & Lifestyle Coaching and

Personal Development

Having your very own coach has been the game changer for our clients

Having someone to educate, support, motivate AND keep you accountable to is what our clients have found most valuable and responsible for the amazing results our clients achieve.

Your coach will not only support you but motivate you & help you work through the struggles that most our clients initially feel when under-going healthy change in habits. Here is what Gary said about his experience of the T.C.P method during our 6 week MANSformation program.

Below is an example of just what can be achieved in only 16 weeks following one our specialised weight loss programs.


The question is, are you ready to get results like Alison?




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So if you’re:

  • Sick and tired of feeling sick & tired

  • Want to FINALLY lose that bloated tummy

  • Improve your body confidence

  • And have the same energy levels you had back in your teens


….You’ve come to the right place.

Our team of trainers are committed to putting YOU the customer and YOUR goals first. Schedule a FREE, No Obligation  Exploration Session Today by clicking the link below.

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Our team can’t wait to get you started!

Yours in Health,

Matt Sutton

Director Lifestyle Performance Transformations






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