Why You Probably Don’t Have A Weight loss Problem

Why You Probably Don’t Have A Weight loss Problem

The two weeks leading up to Xmas last year really stick in my mind. Me & the girls rented a log cabin for a week in the Peak District. It was whilst on this trip I had the news that LPT had been offered the contract to open our own transformation club inside Northampton Cricket Club. Further more I decided this was a great opportunity to take the plunge and really double down on what I believed was needed in the world (and it wasn’t just training).

A heavy focus on nutrition coaching probably came as no surprise to clients. But to this day I’m unsure if people value the true power of Personal Development. It’s an airy fairy subject for most, who just want FAST results. But I stuck to my guns & have developed many trainings, workshops & videos on the subject since.

And then last week I got the confirmation I was looking for…

It was at our 6 weekly advanced nutrition & fat loss workshop in Kettering where I was asked if I ever fell off the wagon myself or found it hard to follow what I teach.

My answer?

Hell yes. All the time!!!

Unsurprisingly the next question was, “How do you say no”?

Know yourself to CONTROL yourself

My answer to this question was off the cuff but re-inforced to me the importance of working on your own self-growth no matter what your age.

I answered by sharing how self-awareness is the KEY.

Once you know yourself, you can control yourself.

In dietary terms I do this in one of two ways usually:

  1. I’ll coach myself around a difficult and tempting situation OR
  2. Give myself permission to succumb to the situation BUT be ok with it, not self-sabotage more as a result and then decide after if I had made the right decision.

Self-awareness is simply having control over your behaviours by learning through your experiences. Once you can embrace every experience as a positive one & use it as a learning experience, rather than another reason to self-sabotage, then you can be truly liberated from feelings of failure and struggle.

Here are 3 simple ways to gain self-awareness of your diet:

  1. Know your triggers! Your triggers are the in-built habits that magnify a problem. Non-smokers who must smoke if they have a drink. A stress full day triggering alcohol consumption. And the classic, every cup of tea must come with a biscuit! Once you know what these triggers are you can experiment with ways to over come them. I know that dehydration is one of my triggers for craving a glass of the red stuff. A 1/2 pint of water later & as if by magic that craving suddenly disappears! This is how I use self-awareness. The easiest way to start understanding YOUR triggers is by completing a 3-5 day food diary like we get our 6 week weight loss members to complete.
  2. Know your strengths: So if your triggers are moments of weakness then it makes logical sense to know your strengths too right? So if you love making a particular meal then make that a weekly habit or even 2-3 nights p/week. If you love a certain training style then make it your goal to keep improving in that area & not distracted by what others are doing. In summary, if it works for you then double down on it. I say this as I see so people trying to be Jamie Oliver in the kitchen only to crash & burn after a few weeks because its all too much. Keep it simple. Stick with what you enjoy and that fit your goals.
  3. Your goals: Having the self-awareness of your health/weight loss/fitness goals will help hugely in making the decision of, should I or shouldn’t I? At this moment in time in my life I’m not concerned with being in cover model shape. I enjoy my Friday night treat night and the odd glass or two of wine with family. And so do I feel guilty having a weekly treat Hell no. However I am self-aware enough to know if the pounds start to creep on to a point I’m not happy with I will make a few simple decisions to cut back a little on the naughties!

Self-awareness is a strength that will exceed your physical strength any day of the week. It’s a skill I recommend everyone work on.

We have now opened up applications for enrolment of our next 6 week transformation programs running in Kettering, Thrapston & Northampton.

Yes Thrapston mid-morning, at my personal home personal training studio is a new time slot that will be running a semi-private personal training option alongside your nutrition coaching, workshops etc.

Check out what our 6 week transformation program includes HERE

Coach Sutton

Chief Transformation Officer @ LPT

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