6 Surprising Reasons You Can’t Stop Snacking

6 Surprising Reasons You Can’t Stop Snacking

Do you ever get those days where you CAN’T STOP snacking? You get to the evening, look back at you’ve eaten that day and you feel pretty fed up about.

Hunger is a sign that your body needs food/liquids so you go about your day.

But what if you really struggle to control your hunger…?

What if you snack even though you’re NOT hungry….?

We’re all guilty of that one!

But why?

Well these 7 Surprising Reasons will open your eyes and help you tweak some of your daily habits to help keep your appetite in check, eat when you’re actually hungry and be able to start seeing some results…

1. You’re not eating often enough

It may sound obvious but if you only eat large meals hours apart then believe it or not but this actually makes you feel hungrier. When you go too long without any food your stomach panics and releases hormones that leave you feeling famished.

Try eating less but more often…have a meal or snack every three to four hours. Also it’s not a bad idea keep an emergency snack on you, like a small handful of nuts in some tupperware.

2. You’re not getting the right nutrients

Foods that keep you feeling fuller for longer have three components…

  1. Fiber
  2. Protein
  3. Healthy fat

All three can help slow digestion, which keeps blood sugar stable and keeps you full for longer.

When building your meals and deciding your snacks for the day aim to get these 3 components in there.

3. You’re dehydrated and confusing thirst for hunger

Quite simply as clever as our brains are…sometimes yours can confuse hunger for thirst!

If you’re starting to feel peckish…chances are you’re already dehydrated!

Aim to drink 3 litres of water daily…alternatively you’ll know you’re drinking enough water when your pee is light yellow or clear.

4. You’re not paying attention to what you’re eating

Eating mindfully – something that we coach you on as part of our “6 Week Transformation Challenge” (CLICK HERE for more info) is something that means actually paying attention to what you’re eating instead of shoveling it in your mouth as you’re running off to do something else!

Easier said that done…I know! But it is important for your body to register when it’s hungry or not and shovelling your meals down doesn’t allow your body to do that!


5. Yohomer-snacksu’re eating too many simple carbs and sugars

You know what carbs I mean…white bread, pasta, pastries and sugar will make it impossible to feel satisfied. All of these cause your blood sugar to rise and then an hour or so later it will crash rapidly causing your body to crave more fuel…more sugar!

This is a bad cycle to be in and unknowingly you can pile in way more carbs than you actually need!

6. You’re stressed

Simply put, stress increases your body’s production of the hormone cortisol, which boosts appetite…and when you’re stressed reaching for a healthy high protein snack is probably not your first thought!

Feeling less stressed will help control your hunger. However it’s not always easy controlling your stress which is why we teach you stress management tips and tools on our “6 Week Transformation Challenge” (CLICK HERE for more info) something that our members report back is that these tools ACTUALLY work!

I hope that’s given you some clarity…

It will be worth re-reading those 6 points and making note of which ones relate to you specifically (maybe all of them!)

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I was maintaining my weight by using some quite unhealthy practices.  Matt’s nutrition workshop was a real eye-opener for me and now, for the first time in years I am not only enjoying food, I am looking forward to my meals and to preparing them!

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